Invest Money To Make Money Lazy investment strategy

I'm lazy, but I also want to invest and make money Invest Money To Make Money 

How do lazy people make money through investment?

The answer is: buy a fund

Invest Money To Make Money Why?

I'm very busy, I don't have time to watch the market;

I am very hurt, and I don’t want to put my enthusiasm into this A (qi) share (pa) market,Invest Money To Make Money  which has made countless international investment philanthropists bend down. I want to use my limited life for more meaningful things.

I don't like watching news

I don’t care about fiscal policy or monetary policy

Invest Money To Make Money I don't know how to read financial statements

I don't have the energy to investigate. . . . . .

There are many reasons, in fact,Invest Money To Make Money  there is no need to say too much, a word "lazy" is enough!

It is precisely because we are lazy that we change the world, and there is a fund industry that specializes in managing money for our people! You have a group of smart, diligent, and investment-loving professionals doing your Say No things for you in the name of the people.

Having said that, how should we lazy people invest in funds Invest Money To Make Money ?

You have heard of a worry-free investment method called "fund fixed investment"!

Let your laziness add laziness, enjoy life!

 Invest Money To Make Money Warm reminder about fixed investment

1. Choose products with high long-term returns

Choosing products with high long-term returns and products with high long-term returns often means that the average annualized rate of return is relatively high, and your fixed investment can enjoy the magical effects of volatility and compound interest.

2. Don't stop deductions and withdrawals at low points Invest Money To Make Money 

Stop deductions and withdrawals at low points, and the advantage of amortizing costs through fixed investment disappears.Invest Money To Make Money  Although the highest and lowest points of the market are not easy to judge with the naked eye, it is relatively easy to judge the relative highs after prolonged periods of time. Why not withdraw from a relatively high point that is easy to judge, but choose a low point to withdraw, and all previous efforts are discarded, so don't stop the deduction at a low point! Don't stop deductions at low points! Don't stop deductions at low points! Say the important thing three times! !